Ghie Pangilinan of Skin Magical on How She Turned PHP 7,000 Capital Into Over 10 Million Products Sold

A little goes a really long way as Ghie Pangilinan, the Founder of Skin Magical, was able to turn her PHP 7,000 capital into over 10 million products sold. How? Through online selling.

Starting a business can be intimidating. For one thing, it often requires a lot of capital to get started and there are just as many risks involved. And failure? Definitely not an option, but it too can happen—even to the best businesspeople out there.

Conversely, a rare few have been able to use the little capital they have to get started. When paired with the right know-how, good quality products, and a good understanding of what the market wants or needs, these entrepreneurs have successfully grown their businesses.

Ghie Pangilinan—Founder of the beauty brand Skin Magical—is a classic example of that. A homemaker-turned-entrepreneur, she found her niche through online selling. Starting with just PHP 7,000 in her pocket, she has successfully grown Skin Magical with over 10 million products sold, 60 franchises, 120 distributors, and 10,000 active resellers—both locally and abroad.

In this exclusive interview with The Business Manual, learn how she navigated the many obstacles that came with starting a business—from trial and error to failures and lessons learned—before reaping the benefits of owning and managing a multi-million business that she can call her own.

From Homemaker to Businesswoman

A multi-hyphenated woman in her own right, Ghie Pangilinan balanced both motherhood and making ends meet while her husband Jerry, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), worked abroad. "Before po kase aka pumasok sa online selling, isa po akong full-time homemaker and a mom," Ghie recounts. "Nasa abroad po ang aking husband at seaman po siya."