This Fintech Company Introduced the Country’s First Investment Robo-Advisor

Fintech company Plentina introduces the country’s first-ever robo-advisor, which aims to make stock market investing much easier for first-time investors.

As of 2022, there are about 1.71 million accounts in the Philippine Stock Exchange—reflecting a 920,000 increase compared to 2021. That same year, it was tallied that about 74% of these accounts were online trading accounts. And in a 2020 report, numbers showed that about 75% of the population, or 54 million Filipinos don’t have investments

Given how the stock market tends to be volatile, there are ways that these risks can be managed properly. Despite these assets’ volatility, the stock market has continuously proven to produce higher gains over long periods of time.

To make investing easier, Silicon Valley-based Filipino-led fintech company Plentina Financial Inc. launches Plentina Wealth, a robo-advisor investment platform. With this, users can enjoy a fully-digital investing experience on web-based platforms which will be easier for those who haven’t tried to invest yet.

What the Robo-advisor Does

By using the investment robo-advisor, users can set up their global brokerage account. Doing this entitles them to have a personalized investment portfolio that’s aligned with their financial goals and risk tolerance. The robo-advisor may also give suggestions on which stocks are ideal to be invested in.

The app will initially be available in the United States. However, since Plentina management submitted its Letter of Intent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last June 2023, the company just needs to wait for the necessary approvals that will make it available for launching in the Philippines. 

Integrating AI into Fintech Innovations 

To give people an idea of how important investing is, Plentina Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Gabayan shared his own personal investment journey and elaborated on the crucial role of technology in building better wealth.

In building a strong investment portfolio, the founders highlighted the role that artificial intelligence plays in the fintech industry. With the main objective to be at the forefront of disruption and innovation in wealth management, Plentina Co-founder and Chief Business Officer Earl Valencia highlighted the demand for a wealth management service that is digital and accessible to more people outside the markets served by traditional wealth management firms.

The event featured not just the company’s founders but it also welcomed other guests like the CEO and CTO of social impact AI company CirroLytix Research Service Mr. Dominic Ligot, President of Analytics Association of the Philippines Ms. Michelle Alarcon, and Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Rolly Miniano. All of them elaborated on the use of generative AI and how it can positively impact operations. 

Though the app may not be available in the country yet, the introduction of such software programs gives Filipinos an idea of how helpful it can be. By further educating people about this modern technology’s new potential, it becomes easier to grasp how it can be used to make jobs easier and more efficient, rather than taking into account how it can be a threat to various professions.

More so, it proves how flexible new technology gets as it can be integrated even into financial industries. Innovations like this can pave the way for more modern solutions in the near future, especially as people become more knowledgeable and welcoming of new technologies like generative AI.