Aldreen Barron, the owner of Brunch Cafe, shares why he returned to the Philippines, where he opened his own business after working as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Singapore.

Statistics show that there are about 1.83 million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) deployed in several countries across the world, as working abroad promises better opportunities in the form of better pay and career growth. Considered modern-day heroes, these OFWs are not just able to help their families but the entire economy as well. In fact, inflows from OFWs have become one of the domestic economy’s growth operators for years.

Though some OFWs tend to stay abroad for years to provide for their families, there are some who go back to the Philippines. Doing so allows them to start a new life with what they have saved up from their years of hard work.

Such is the case of Aldreen Barron, an OFW who came back home to start his own business after working in Singapore for nine years. This is his story and how Brunch Cafe came to be.

Finding Better Opportunities Abroad

Unlike other Filipinos who really aim to work abroad, Barron’s path toward becoming an OFW was purely made of sheer luck, as he just wanted to find a better opportunity. This brought him to Singapore. 

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