Graduating from college is a great milestone that leads to the reality of landing a job. Here’s what fresh graduates have to know for a smooth first job experience.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the unemployment rate in the Philippines is around 4.8%, which translates to around 2.37 million Filipinos. Though it may be significantly lower compared to January 2022’s rate of 6.4%, this still poses an undeniable challenge for job seekers, especially fresh graduates who mostly lack experience. Specifically, the unemployment rate for college graduates is at a staggering 19.6%.

And for fresh graduates, it is important to you equip yourself with the right information that will prepare you for the professional world. 

Aside from building a strong resume and finding the right employers, you should also take note of any requirements that may be asked of you during the onboarding process. More importantly, having the necessary documents before starting a job is great since you’ll have ample time to process everything. 

With this guide, you can get more insights about the necessary paperwork you need to prepare as well as some working rights you should keep in mind:

Basic Requirements You Need for Your First Job

During the onboarding phase of a company, you will be required to submit a handful of requirements, which includes your transcript of records and diploma which you can both acquire from your alma mater. And in most of these, you will be required to submit some valid IDs before you can acquire the actual document. These include:

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