Learn How to Succeed in This Book and Docuseries by Entrepreneur John Aguilar

The Final Pitch host John Aguilar shares more of his journey and some insights from other personalities in his book and docuseries: Methods to Greatness.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is important, regardless of what industry. With it, people can drive positive change and be more confident about any opportunity that comes their way. This mindset will also guide entrepreneurs to make sound decisions for their respective businesses. No wonder people describe it as the key to success!

Having this mindset can be an entire process in itself, and it can be made easier by being more open-minded and being able to learn from experiences—may it be personal or from others. One of the ways that this can be achieved is by reading books or watching documentaries to see how successful people learned their lessons. 

One of the country’s successful entrepreneurs is John Aguilar, a well-known serial entrepreneur and book author who hosts CNN’s The Final Pitch where they empower startups with promising potential. Just recently, Aguilar launched a new book and docuseries—both entitled Methods to Greatness. Here’s what we know about it so far. 

What the Book is About 

The new book Methods to Greatness: Lessons of the Mind, Body, and Soul from Asia’s Top Entrepreneurs, Athletes, and Icons is not just about Aguilar’s personal life and journey. He also covers the approaches, strategies, and principles that power other successful individuals with their respective careers. 

Aside from the author, other personalities who shared their anecdotes in this book published by Penguin Random House SEA are personalities like: 

“Everyone’s journey is personal and diverse. Through this book, I hope that people will not only learn the methods but also discover their unique paths toward greatness, be it in physical or mental well-being or in shaping their visions for the future. My aspiration for this book is to serve as a guide, inspiring action toward continuous self-improvement and encouraging individuals to dream bigger than their current reality,” Aguilar said.

What the Docuseries Features 

A separate docuseries was produced aside from the book to mark Aguilar’s pursuit of learning from various individuals. In a way, he also visions the series as an avenue to enrich the audience’s mind, body, and soul through his well-documented experiences and business ventures. 

Describing the book and docuseries as a practical “blueprint” for individuals facing challenges in various facets of life, Aguilar emphasizes the shared struggles, insecurities, and setbacks that entrepreneurs, athletes, and icons have harnessed to elevate their lives.

By having books and docuseries like these, it becomes easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn lessons and be inspired to keep striving in their respective industries. Given how materials like these shed light on the struggles that come before attaining success, it becomes easier for audiences to gain realizations that will make it easier for them to get into the right entrepreneurial mindset they’re aiming for.

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