This EduTech Start-up Teaches You All About AI for Better Creativity

EduTech startup 10XME Academy officially announces the launch of its 10X AI training programs, which are meant to help people boost their creativity.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just popular in other countries, but it is also being used in the Philippines to uplift various industries. In fact, Statista shares that the AI intelligence market in the Philippines is projected to grow by 20.17% from 2023 to 2023. This encapsulates its use in various sectors such as healthcare, industry, entrepreneurship, and education. 

What’s more, a recent study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows a 14% boost in issues resolved per hour with the aid of an AI-based conversational assistant. The study also highlights how AI assistance has been beneficial to novice and skilled workers—with tools such as OpenAI’s GPT-4, which can be used for different functions.

In a study conducted for AI Readiness in the Philippines that referenced the World Economic Forum, it mentions that 43.7% of the youth in the country are open to learning because they believe their current education and skills need to constantly be updated regarding technology. The same study also reflected how most respondents mentioned the need for education about AI and upskilling their talents. 

Other countries have already integrated AI into their education, to the extent of even hiring AI tutors for students. In the Philippines, schools are yet to introduce such but there are several attempts to show how AI can bolster productivity.

Among these is Edutech startup 10XME Academy—which recently launched an AI Masterclass to inspire more people to integrate AI tools into their daily operations.

About the Masterclass

The inaugural class of the company’s program is entitled “How to Replace Your Marketing Agency with AI”. It will run from August 19, 2023, to September 9, 2023, for four consecutive Saturdays and will go in-depth into how local companies can leverage AI tools to maximize every aspect of their marketing team’s output and performance.

The program will be led by guest lecturers from the region’s most innovative tech startups—thus allowing students to actively participate in practical exercises and go through all the AI tools with the main lecturer. By its very name, the program also gives its students up to 10x the value of their program fees in the form of exclusive tools, perks, and subscriptions offered by future partners. 

Classes will be held at partner venues in BGC, with plans to establish dedicated 10XME Academy classrooms in the future. The academy will also eventually offer immersive online classes where students get to join live class from any part of the world.

“AI is disrupting many industries and forcing many professionals to either upskill or find other work. Technology is the greatest equalizer and AI tools will prove that fairly quickly,” says Bianca Azurin, Founder of 10XME Academy.

“With our courses, we want to challenge an organization’s perceived limitations and allow them to take back their time,” she adds. “We want professionals and entrepreneurs to be confident using these tools to further their careers or future-proof their income.”

Previous Classes Held By the Company 

Aside from this AI masterclass, 10XME Company has also hosted other business-related classes before. Among those is their pilot marketing class this July—which was participated in by over 20 business leaders and marketers in the country. The discussion taught participants about business operations, prompt engineering basics, and creating SEO plans using AI. 

Another class that they hosted is about eCommerce and it focused on using AI for branding, logo design, social media management, and content creation. This program also worked directly with schools to host extracurricular weekend classes that teach ways on how they can leverage the use of AI. 

With special programs like this, Filipinos can find a way to understand the potential of AI and not be overwhelmed by the misconceptions surrounding it. That way, students, workers, and entrepreneurs can each find ways how they can leverage this technology to their advantage.

As more people learn how to adapt to this technology, it might be easier for the Philippines to move forward as an economy as it becomes more globally competitive in terms of technological aspects as well.