Through mentorship and social media, Tiktok EduCreator Kia Abrera empowers Filipino creatives to turn their creativity into a profitable and purposeful business.

Ever wondered how you can make money doing what you love? TikTok EduCreator Kia Abrera did just that and now earns over PHP100,000 on just brand partnerships and public speaking invitations alone!

But that's not all. Beyond being a content creator, Abrera and her husband also run their own agency, where they manage a mix of local and international clientele, for which she can charge a minimum of USD$6,000 (around PHP333,800) per client on retainer, and at least USD$20,000 to USD$30,000 (around PHP1.11 million to PHP1.67 million) per one-time project.

How? She got her big break when her video on TikTok went viral.

Juggling an agency, running her own TikTok account, and public speaking are just some of the many roles that Abrera takes on. For the multi-hyphenated woman, this means honing her craft and understanding her market—from knowing how one can gain or lose followers, understanding what kind of content will go viral, figuring out what works and what doesn't, and more. And this is no easy feat, given the unpredictable nature of social media.

But somehow, Abrera made it work. With results to show for, she now embarks on the next chapter of her life—imparting what she knows through The Brave Creatives, a community that fosters learning, mentorship, and empowering fellow Filipinos to monetize their creativity in a purposeful way. And in this exclusive interview, Abrera walks us through how it all began.

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