LOOK: This City Will Now Allow Online Business Name Registrations

The new agreement signed with DTI will help streamline the registration process for business startups in the city through an online permit portal.

Last year, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recorded a record high of 932,097 business name registrations, and out of the total number, 827,491 of these are new business name registrations. With that in mind, the department is aiming to make the registration process more convenient for business startups.

How? By signing an agreement with the Quezon City government, which allows for the integration of the business name registration system with the city’s online permit portal. Said agreement was signed by DTI Secretary Alfredo Pascual and Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte. 

Other Cities to Follow Suit

“The Quezon City Government is the first Local Government Unit (LGU) which agreed to our proposal to integrate the two systems,” says the DTI Secretary said in a statement. “With this, we thank Mayor Joy Belmonte for partnering with us in making doing business in Quezon City easier.”

Secretary Pascual also confirmed that his department has reached out to other cities to propose the same integration. He assured that more cities are scheduled to follow after Quezon City.

He likewise assured that the DTI will make sure all sensitive and personal information that will be submitted by businesses will be secure. The department will make use of industry standards in the information and communications technology sector in order to make sure all data is secure.

How This Will Benefit Businesses in Quezon City

Thanks to the partnership between the DTI and local government, businesses in Quezon City will now have an easier and more convenient time registering their names with the government. Streamlining the registration process will also help entrepreneurs efficiently set up their businesses—as it can now be done online. 

This will also be encouraging for aspiring entrepreneurs who are hesitant to start a business because of the notion that dealing with the government can be time-consuming and difficult. Thanks to the integration, entrepreneurs in the city can register for both their business name and business permit using just one portal.