Dr. Miguel Librojo on Innovating the Family Legacy Through His Revolutionary Dental Clinic

Driven by a goal to innovate traditional dental services, fourth-generation Librojo dentist Dr. Miguel Librojo started Asian Implantology & Integrated Dentistry (AIID).

According to the World Health Organization, oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people in the world. This includes about 92% of the Filipino population, who deal with various dental concerns. In fact, it was in 2015 that the Philippines had the highest number of people wearing dentures in Asia. 

Given the importance of dental care, there are now around 4,200 dentists in the country—thus giving Filipinos opportunities to consult with experts about their oral concerns. Among these is Dr. Miguel Librojo, who hails from a family of dentists.

With his exposure to the industry and the inspiration he got from his predecessors, Dr. Librojo wasn’t one to shy away from their family’s career path. This is why in 2022, the fourth-generation Librojo dentist opened the main branch of Asian Implantology and Integrated Dentistry (AIID) in Okada Manila—one of the country’s top hotels.

In an exclusive interview with The Business Manual, he talks about his journey, how he has continued the family legacy by innovating the dental industry, and what he has learned throughout the years. 

A family man himself, Dr. Librojo echoes the same practice in his profession. “I treat all my patients as if they were my family. I design my treatment plans and handle cases as if I were treating my son, wife, or mom and it is always in the best interest of the patient.”

Continuing the Family Legacy

Having grown up in a family of dentists, Dr. Librojo considered the dental clinic inside their house as a playground. Together with his siblings, they would do anything there—from working on their homework to watching their parents work. Given this early exposure, it was almost set in stone that he would wind up on the same career path.

He, however, had other plans in mind. “Being the young, rebellious version of myself, I did not want to pursue dentistry at first,” Dr. Librojo begins. “I just wanted to study at the Ateneo where I went for grade school and high school.

“Come decision time, my mom—who was battling cancer at that time—requested and insisted that I go to dental school for her. As a mama’s boy, I followed her wish, and truth be told, she knew what was best for her son,” he continues.

Despite his mother’s wish, Dr. Librojo reveals that his driving force for pursuing a career in dentistry was his innate need to help people. “I’ve always had an urge to help others in need in any way—what more if I could change someone’s life by improving or giving back their smile and confidence.”

Becoming a dentist was attainable for him, especially as all the dentists in his family shared the same foundation. While they all had respective strengths and specialties, Dr. Librojo chose to specialize in aesthetics, dental implantology, and digital dentistry.

Growing up in a family of dentists has equipped Dr. Librojo with enough know-how to pursue a career in dentistry. But beyond skills, his driving force includes an innate passion to help others. To date, in his many business dealings, he is joined by his business partner and life partner, Kelly Parreño.

Dr. Librojo on Opening His Own Clinic

Dr. Librojo started his dental career in 2011 in their family practice clinic. But unlike other doctors who stuck to the industry, he was open to having other business ventures as well. He eventually opened a Japanese restaurant in 2016 with his wife—who had a background in the food and beverage industry. The two of them also imported different products from different countries.

However, Dr. Librojo’s passion for dentistry was strengthened further through the many educational trainings and seminars that he conducted for dentists. More so, he also wanted to open his own clinic apart from the family business he used to work on.

His vision? “In all our businesses, we want to bring premium products and services at an affordable price,” he explains.

Come 2022, his opportunity to skyrocket his business came in the form of an offer from Okada Manila. Treating it as a really good opportunity he didn’t want to miss, he and his wife Kelly opened Asian Implantology and Integrated Dentistry (AIID).

The journey, however, wasn’t that easy. “First and foremost, dealing with contractors and the construction of the clinic caused us a lot of stress,” he recalls. “A lot of details and deadlines were not met. At the same time, we were in the middle of the pandemic when we started brainstorming, so basically a lot more restrictions were in place.”

That experience taught him to plan ahead and have more manageable expectations in terms of his business—thus making him more flexible and prepared for anything that may come his way.

Aside from dental services, AIID also features a cafe to help assuage his worried guests. The clinic is located at the Coral Wing, Crystal Corridor, Okada Manila, Parañaque City.

Innovating the Dental Scene

Having completed courses from multiple countries, including the USA, Hong Kong, and Dubai, Dr. Librojo has been exposed to different dental techniques from around the world. Thus equipped with a great understanding of his chosen field and expertise, he became known in his circle for his passion for innovating the dental scene.

“As someone who has keen attention to detail, I personally handpicked the brands and models of the equipment we use in AIID,” he reveals. “This gives us access to apply the latest techniques and technology in our treatments.”

“We want our clinic to be at par with other developed countries in terms of knowledge and skill, we invested in the latest equipment and up-to-date tools. Our clinic is veering towards digital dentistry, which makes dental treatments faster and more precise.”

This is the constant assurance he gives to all his patients. That he can provide them with the best results through state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. “We have a state-of-the-art CBCT machine which is the gold standard in modern dental diagnostics,” he shares. “We also have an intraoral scanner and a 3D printer which also helps us be more accurate and efficient.”

“I am also proud that we are equipped with an EMS Airflow Oral Prophylaxis machine which provides painless cleaning and is ideal for anxious patients,” he adds.  

Even with the overall success of his clinic, Dr. Librojo and his team are committed to never stop learning. That way, he can always be updated about the latest trends and technologies for his business.

He even shared that all of them regularly take part in continuing education programs to keep themselves updated. More so, he will also soon take up a Master’s Program for Dental Implantology in Europe next year. 

Driven by his innate passion for helping others, Dr. Librojo makes sure to only invest in the latest state-of-the-art equipment for his clinic. “Only the best for my patients,” he notes.

Taking the Business to New Heights

Despite the infancy of his clinic in Okada Manila, Dr. Librojo boasts a wide clientele of regular customers and a capable team to run the business. To this day, he also remains hands-on with the operations and in the decision-making process for the clinic. 

He names five things that he believes set his clinic apart from its competitors. This includes, in his words, “honesty, easy to deal with and approachable, great value for money, the use of high-quality materials, and the way AIID is up to date with the latest innovations.”

Asked about what he has in store for AIID and if there are any expansion plans planned ahead, he answers, “Expansion in nearby cities is on the table as we will be bringing more aspirational products to our consumers at a more affordable price. Examples of these aspirational products are dental implants, high-quality and natural-looking veneers, and clear aligners. These usually cost an arm and a leg but at AIID, we offer the same superior quality at a fraction of our competitors’ cost.”

Part of Dr. Librojo’s goal is to “bring more aspirational products to our consumers at a more affordable price.”

Paving a Career Path for Success

With the amount of dedication he poured into opening his clinic, Dr. Librojo has achieved a lot as he made his own mark in the dentistry scene—despite embarking on the same path as his family members. Having also dealt with his fair share of challenges along the way, he stayed true to his vision by embracing his expertise and using it to grow his clinic.

The best lessons he learned in his years of practice? “Always do what is best for the patient. We always want to make our customers satisfied and happy. Establishing good rapport and making them feel important no matter what treatment they need is essential to a good dentist-patient relationship.”

“I want to be remembered as a dentist patients can fully trust,” he ends.