Meet Dorothy Dee-Ching—Jollibee’s New VP and Head of Marketing

From Unilever to Jollibee. Boss lady Dorothy Dee-Ching takes the reins as the fast food chain’s newest VP and Head of Marketing.

Majority of the managerial and leadership positions in the past have been occupied by men. However, the tides have shifted, with more women leaders stepping up and excelling in high positions of power.

Take for example Dorothy Dee-Ching. A recent appointee as Jollibee Philippines’ new VP and Head of Marketing, the business maverick took on the prestigious role last July 25—replacing Francis Flores, who departed from the company after 15 years.

Dorothy Dee-Ching, Jollibee's newest VP and Head of Marketing

From Beauty to Food

Dorothy Dee-Ching made her mark in Unilever Philippines with a shining 20-year career, where she championed the evolution of beauty in a way that cultivated diversity, sustainability, and positivity. Working her way up the ranks, she then served as the vice president of the beauty and personal care division for more than 3 years before announcing her departure from the multi-national company.

“As I look back at my last two decades working on various roles across brands, categories, and markets, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this journey-of-a-lifetime,” she wrote in her Linkedin post. “It has been an absolute honor and privilege to build iconic brands, grow strong businesses and lead winning teams.

“I am happy and proud of the many successes and triumphs we’ve had as well as learned so much from the challenges we’ve faced,” she continued. “I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences I’ve had throughout this entire journey.”

Ending on a fond note, where she considers herself a “#Unileaver but forever a #Unilover,” she adds: “While it is difficult to leave this company I consider my second home, I know that there is a right time for everything. And now is the right time for me to close this chapter of my career to make way for my next exciting adventure!”

With years of marketing experience to show for, Dee-Ching has become one of the most esteemed marketing professionals in the industry. In her new chapter with Jollibee, she shares that she will “bring her expertise in shaping brands, ushering innovation, and growing businesses” to the fast food chain.

Jollibee is a Filipino fast food chain owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation. Established by Tony Tan Caktiong on January 1978, it started out as an ice cream parlor before expanding its menu to include hot meals and sandwiches. As of December 2021, Jollibee boasts about 1,500 outlets worldwide, with restaurants in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, East Asia, North America, and Europe.


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