From a humble Italian restaurant to a multi-million brand with branches across Metro Manila, David Sison reveals how he grew Mama Lou's into what it is today.

Getting a business off the ground carries a multitude of challenges—the foremost of which is overcoming a one-in-ten chance of succeeding. After all, statistics show that about 90% of start-ups across all industries will fail. On average, 10% will tank in the first year and a staggering 70% will close shop within five.

But for entrepreneur David Sison, beating the odds did not seem as daunting when he had his intended life partner Crystal Tremblay serving as his business partner, too. Here’s the story of how he and his wife started and grew Mama Lou’s enterprise.

All in the Family

David had always enjoyed cooking, but it was not until he met Crystal that he fully explored the extent of this passion. After all, Crystal’s parents, Richard and Malou Tremblay, were restauranteurs who had opened different dining concepts in BF, Parañaque.

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