Consumers Can Now File Complaints Against Products and Trade Online

DTI Online Complaint System CARe System

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) believes in protecting the rights and interests of consumers amidst the boom of e-commerce in the country.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the number of complaints they received from consumers grew to a whopping 15,000 during the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic in 2019, the department says that they had only received 2,000 complaints. 

Due to the growing number of complaints, the trade department has decided to launch its web-based platform called the Consumer Complaint Assistance and Resolution System—otherwise known as the CARe System.

Through this, people can file complaints about trade malpractice, as well as substandard or hazardous products. 

Trade Secretary Alfredo Pascual stressed the importance of protecting the rights and interests of consumers—given the boom of e-commerce in the country. “It is also important that even before the need for complaint arises, I would like to ask our e-commerce platform operators to do their part in weeding out potential sources of complaints,” he said.

How the CARe System Works

Thanks to the CARe System, the whole process for consumer complaints is now automated. This includes the filing of complaints, mediation, and adjudication. This means that the consumer no longer has to go to a DTI office to file a complaint. 

Case updates will be then sent via email and will also be made accessible via

How This is Beneficial to Both Businesses and Consumers

Having an online automated system will allow for the filing and resolution of complaints to be done more efficiently. This will make things more convenient for consumers who want to report substandard products or any trade malpractice they experience. 

What’s more, this will also help businesses—as owners will be able to receive and resolve complaints much more quickly. This saves both business owners and consumers a lot of time and effort, which can be allocated to other things. 

However, the presence of the CARe System must also serve as a warning to businesses that conduct trade malpractices and provide substandard products or services. Now that it is much more convenient to report such acts, it will also be much more efficient to catch such businesses and give them the proper sanctions. 

Overall, the implementation of this new system is advantageous to businesses as a whole—especially since trade malpractice is harmful to the country’s economy. Weeding out businesses that engage in trade malpractice or offer substandard products will help ensure honest and healthier trading of goods in the country.