Is Cerveza Blanca San Miguel’s Next Great Beer? 5 Reasons the Authentic Local Wheat Beer Fulfills Its Tantalizing Promises

With San Miguel Cerveza Blanca, the authentic local wheat beer, San Miguel targets a generation of beer drinkers looking for a refreshing and distinctive experience.

San Miguel has a long and storied past of crafting some of the most beloved beers in the Philippines and the world. Recently, a beer has joined San Miguel’s lineup of iconic beers—San Miguel Cerveza Blanca, the Philippines’ authentic locally brewed wheat beer. Will this beer be able to stand tall among San Miguel’s offerings? And can it take the company’s rich heritage to new levels? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons—from market landscape to marketing to the product itself—why we think the answer is yes.

5 Reasons San Miguel Cerveza Blanca Fulfills Its Tantalizing Promises

1. The Right Idea at the Right Time

The world has been undergoing staggering changes in the past few years. Changes in the world economy and in technology have transformed how and where we work, for example. And it has also changed consumption, from how and what we purchase.

With all these changes, what hasn’t changed is Filipinos’ love for alcoholic drinks—beer, in particular. In fact, the alcoholic drinks industry is booming in the Philippines. It is expected to have strong growth of 5.73% from 2023 until 2028. Crucially, this significant growth includes the beer market. On its own, the beer market is expected to grow at a similar rate, 5.61%, for the same period.

San Miguel Cerveza Blanca makes its debut in this market that is primed for growth.

2. A Refreshing New Experience

The promise of this market is clear. But why wheat beer? And what exactly is wheat beer?

Commonly, beer is brewed from four ingredients: water, barley malt, adjuncts and hops. Brewing is a complicated process, but in essence, carbohydrates from barley malt and adjuncts are broken down into simple sugars which are converted to alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeast. Barley malt is blended with wheat malt to make wheat beer. San Miguel Cerveza Blanca uses 100% malt—a combination of barley malt and wheat malt.

When it comes to wheat beers, Germany and Belgium produce popular brews called weissbeer and witbier respectively. These literally mean “white beer”—hence, Cerveza Blanca.

Aside from having unique ingredients, wheat beer also has a distinctive flavor profile. San Miguel describes Cerveza Blanca as “A truly satisfying wheat ale that harmoniously balances spicy, smoky and fruity flavors…”

From that description alone, it’s clear that San Miguel Cerveza Blanca is a beer unlike any San Miguel has crafted before. For fans of the complex flavors found in beer, the wheat beer also has notes of citrus and mint. And finally, the golden brew is topped with a silky, creamy head, which is sure to make it a “refreshing beer favorite.”

wheat beer
San Miguel Cerveza Blanca, the Philippines’ locally brewed authentic wheat beer. With the new creation, San Miguel targets a new generation of beer drinkers looking for a refreshing and distinctive experience.

3. Changing Tastes of Consumers

The current boom in the alcoholic drinks industry is fueled by robust economic growth in the Philippines, which the country has achieved despite a global downturn. According to analysts, “Increased socialization and economic expansion has rekindled Philippines drinking culture.” In particular, they cite “a resurgence in demand for inventive, high-quality cocktails,” including beer and wine.

Filipinos who are looking for a fresh taste or experience are likely to find much to love in San Miguel Cerveza Blanca with its summery golden brew harmoniously blended with citrus and spices.

4. A Local Beer of Its Kind

In the past, if you were looking for a specific kind of wheat beer, you had no choice but to buy an expensive import. Those days are over.

San Miguel Cerveza Blanca is made from imported ingredients brewed locally. As such, it is also priced competitively at PHP71 (SRP) per can. As a local brew, San Miguel Cerveza Blanca also puts the Philippines on the world map as a proudly Filipino producer of wheat beer alongside the likes of Germany and Belgium.

5. A Beer for Today’s Filipino

Today’s Filipino beer drinkers are sophisticated and discerning. Emerging from the pandemic, they are hungry for fresh experiences and new tastes. And with positive signs from the economy emerging, these Filipinos have much to celebrate and raise a glass to. More than any other beer, San Miguel Cerveza Blanca gives them the refreshing and authentic wheat beer experience they are craving for.

San Miguel Cerveza Blanca is available in major supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide for only PHP 71.00 SRP per can. You may also order through SMB Delivers via 8632-BEER (2337) or

Drink responsibly. ASC Reference No.: S0149P020724S