When Social Responsibility Meets Market-Conquering Entrepreneurship: The Evolving Leadership of Cecilio Pedro, Founder of Lamoiyan Corporation

From hard lessons learned through failure, Cecilio Pedro led Lamoiyan Corporation to become a model Filipino company that provides a shining example for entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

The story of how Cecilio Pedro and Lamoiyan Corporation challenged market-dominating multinationals Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive–and won a place among them–has reached legendary proportions. Lamoiyan, led by the Hapee toothpaste brand, is among the first names that spring to mind when people think of world-class Filipino companies. And yet, this is only half the story.

Less known, but of equal significance, is how Cecilio Pedro, Lamoiyan Corporation’s founder and president for over 30 years, has been unceasingly helping the Filipino Chinese community as well as deaf and hearing-impaired communities throughout the years. His leadership is testament to how social responsibility and entrepreneurial success are not at odds with each other, and can, in fact, be complementary goals.