Build Connections and Learn About Bitcoin in This Island Retreat

The first of its kind in the Philippines, the Bitcoin Island Retreat Boracay brings together cryptocurrency experts and aspiring investors in a 3-day event of learning and networking.

There are varying schools of thought regarding cryptocurrency as an investment—with some choosing to invest in tangible assets like gold and others believing in the viability of this virtual currency. But here in the Philippines, crypto ownership is seen as promising, given that it ranks 12th out of 26 countries for crypto adoption, according to Finder’s Crypto Adoption November 2022 report (which has surveyed 389,345 people in 26 selected countries so far—17,680 coming from the Philippines since April 2022).

What’s more, the cryptocurrency ownership rate in the Philippines is at 15%—higher than the global average of 15%, with India leading at 29% and Germany on the far end at a mere 6%.

With that being said, cryptocurrency is definitely worth learning about, which is why lightning network payment company, together with—the largest crypto exchange and digital wallet in the Philippines—will be hosting the first-ever bitcoin conference in the Philippines in Boracay.

Bitcoin Island Retreat Boracay, Explained

Set on the sunny beach of Boracay, the 2023 Bitcoin Island Retreat Boracay will feature a lineup of dynamic, globally-recognized speakers across multiple industries and crypto-business sectors at the Henann Regency Resort and Spa. The inaugural event will take place from March 27 to 29, 2023.

While foremost a coming-together of Bitcoin builders and enthusiasts, the retreat will also allow them to network, pitch ideas, and build connections with business experts and fellow investors. What’s more, attendees can expect two days of circular introductions, tag discussions, and keynote speakers, who will be providing the latest developments and ongoing projects, and outlook on the bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitskwela—a key partner of the event—will also be hosting the parallel education track, where hands-on sessions will touch on relevant topics. These include how to get businesses to sign up for bitcoin payments, how to give technical demos, how to gain complete control of your Bitcoins, and the like.

Esteemed Keynote Speakers and Business Experts

An educational experience that aims to teach attendees about Bitcoin and integrate it into their investment plans and businesses, the 2023 Bitcoin Island Retreat Boracay will feature an esteemed roster of keynote speakers and business experts.

First up is the Former Solicitor General and current Silliman University (SU) College of Law Dean Florin Hilbay, who recently launched a book about Bitcoin. In the 3-day event, he will be leading the roster of esteemed speakers for the first-ever Bitcoin conference.

Joining him is the CEO of, Ethan Rose, who doubles as the lead organizer of the Bitcoin Island Retreat. What’s more, HCM Capital Founder and Managing Partner Jack Lee; Mimesis Capital Founder, CEO and CIO Louis Liu; former Sequoia Capital crypto investor Augie Ilag; and Lightning Ventures general partner Mike “Muzz” Jarmuz will be sharing their insights as well.

Elijah Tan, the Vice President of Operations at will be in attendance as a speaker, too. As the former Fiat Exchange Lead at Binance, Tan will discuss bringing crypto and web3 use cases to solve challenges in the global markets. Meanwhile, Albert Buu—Founder and CEO of Vietnam-based bitcoin-only startup Neutronpay—will be giving his take on the growth of bitcoin and lightning in Southeast Asia.

The event will also have the participation of renowned Bitcoin educators and entrepreneurs:

  • Lyman Manzanaer, founder of Lightning Coop
  • Jiro Reyes, founder and CEO of
  • Gillian Kok, entrepreneur and holistic therapist
  • Chris Tan, entrepreneur and creator
  • Stephan Livera, podcaster and head of education at Swan Bitcoin
  • Mary Imausen, bitcoin podcast host
  • Joey Miyamoto, bitcoin/lightning researcher
  • Hodling Carla, founder of Hodling Apparel
  • Rafael Padilla, legal director of Farcove Consulting
  • Roy Miclat, president of 1 Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines (1CISP)
  • Bill Hill, community lead of Bitcoin Island

“We’re extremely excited to be putting on the first Bitcoin Island Retreat in Boracay. Bitcoin adoption in the Philippines has been blooming by leaps and bounds, ranking second globally. We want Boracay to be the epicenter of this advancement in the country,” expresses CEO Ethan Rose. 

Learning and Applying Bitcoin in Business

Aside from the speaking conferences, Bitcoin Island Retreat will be hosting official after-parties and networking events in venues that accept Bitcoin. In fact, attendees can stand a chance to win “Bitcoin booty” if they can find the 12-word seed phrase to a private key owned by Dread Pirate Nakamoto. The words are placed around the island and the Bitcoin bounty will go to whoever finds them first.

But more than that, attendees can interact with the trailblazers in the blockchain technology space and experience cryptocurrency firsthand, as has enabled more than 250 locations—from restaurants to hotels, and even sari-sari stores—to accept lightning payments and receive instant, final settlement in Philippine Pesos with no fees.

“Bitcoin lightning payment is changing the game for tourists and even local communities of this beautiful island. This is a great opportunity to learn more Bitcoin, and experience how the Lightning Network can improve our lives,” Rose ends.

Conference passes for locals and international participants are available for purchase on Bitcoin Island Retreat’s official website, with ticket prices increasing every Friday. The Bitcoin Island Retreat is expected to draw interest from the global crypto community, as the Bitcoin-specific space continues to grow each year in the Philippines.

To reserve a spot at this year’s premier Bitcoin event, you may register at And for more information about Bitcoin Island Retreat, follow @BtcRetreat on Twitter.

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