How to Build an Award-Winning Franchise Business, as Told by Potato Corner Founder Jose Magsaysay Jr.

From a simple kiosk to a global brand with branches in almost every corner of the country, Potato Corner is a model example of franchising done right. Founder Jose Magsaysay Jr. reveals how.

There is power in numbers and Potato Corner is proof of that. In fact, the brand boasts of over 1,400 branches around the world—more than 1,200 in the Philippines and more than 200 outside the country, specifically in Indonesia, USA, Canada, Panama, and most of the ASEAN area before being sold to the popular pizza brand Shakey's.

With that, the popular flavored french fries brand has undeniably established itself as a top-of-mind choice in the hearts (and palates) of every Filipino.

The brains behind all this? Co-Founder and CEO Jose Magsaysay Jr.—known to many as Jomag. But before building Potato Corner into the award-winning franchise empire of today, his entrepreneurial journey started from humble beginnings: working part-time at fast food chain Wendy's.

Even more surprising? He was cleaning restrooms and kitchens there!

While not the most glamorous job, it’s just as important and everyone has to start somewhere, him included. But this soon paved the way for more opportunities—not just in his workplace, but also in business ventures that all led up to the billion-peso food franchise, Potato Corner.

In this exclusive interview with The Business Manual, Jomag shares how it all began.

Where it All Began

An entrepreneur's journey varies from person to person, with experiences coloring it into a myriad of possibilities. For Jomag, it took an unprecedented turn in the form of, what he calls, "one accident after another."