Bringing together his legal expertise and passion for giving back, Atty. Mark Gorriceta shares how aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs can build businesses that are legally and ethically moral.

Driven, purposeful, and a seasoned lawyer in his own right, Atty. Mark S. Gorriceta is a name that is tied to many awards, having been recognized as one of Asia's Top 15 TMT Lawyers (the only Filipino lawyer included in this prestigious list), as well as the Philippines' Top 100 Lawyers from 2020 to 2022 by the Asia Business Law Journal, among others.

Beyond his many awards, however, he is foremost known as the Managing Partner who leads the Corporate, Banking, Finance, Technology Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) Groups at Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra—a prestigious law firm in the Philippines, which currently has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

And while his expertise as a lawyer has allowed him to touch base with many business figures in the industry, he is widely regarded for his proficiency in corporate structuring, tax advisory, banking and finance, capital markets, and equity financing, as well as adeptly navigating intricate cross-border commercial transactions.

This, paired with nearly two decades of experience in private practice, has equipped him with the much-needed skills and knowledge to teach at the Ateneo de Manila University's Graduate School of Business and help businesses in the Philippines—whether start-up or conglomerate in nature—which he talks about in full detail in this exclusive interview with The Business Manual.

Where it All Began: The Legal Journey

Being a lawyer takes perseverance and grit, as it requires years of studying, intense memorization, and a clear understanding of the law and how it's applied. For Atty. Gorriceta, however, this was a passion he wanted to pursue since day one.

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