Opening a business can be risky, especially for a returning OFW. We ask Aldreen Barron, the owner of Brunch Cafe to share tips on how he managed it well.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are among the top contributors to the Philippine economy, especially as they make up around 10% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). With the hard work that they pour in, many of them dream of being able to provide for the families they left behind.

Some OFWs, however, have returned to the Philippines to start businesses of their own, as the country is filled with many opportunities. Case in point: Aldreen Barron of Brunch Coffee, who decided to take the risk of coming back home and becoming his own boss.

Given the high demand for coffee shops and the viable opportunities for starting a business here, we asked him to share tips and tricks for fellow OFWs who want to do the same.

Being an OFW for years, how hard was it to adjust to the Philippines when you went back home?

Honestly, it is really a big adjustment after being away for 9 years. Once in a while, I travel back home but not so frequently due to work restrictions. It gave me a hard time adjusting to [three main factors]: 

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