Freelancing has increased in popularity, but some still prefer working for a company. For those in doubt, we asked a freelancer who used to work for a company to give advice.

The last few years have seen the growth of freelancing here in the Philippines. In fact, around 1.5 million Filipino freelancers are now registered on international online platforms that allow them to offer their services. And really, the increasing number of freelancers may come as no surprise, especially when you consider the pandemic.

With many employees laid off during the lockdowns, many have turned to online in order to earn income. And this is where freelancing comes in, as it allows you to control your own time and take on as many projects as you can. 

If you're considering whether it's better to leave your current job to jump ship to freelancing or actually start off your career by freelancing, we consulted Jai Lawan—an interior designer who has been practicing for eight years now and has experienced the best of both worlds by working both for a firm and as a freelancer. 

Did you start as a freelancer or work for a firm first?

After I graduated, I worked right away while reviewing for the board exams. I worked for the firm where I took my internship while I was still in college.

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