We asked Bianca Yanga-Vargas, who owns The Bee Spa with husband and ‘PBB’ alum Joe Vargas, for tips and advice when it comes to opening a home spa business.

The pandemic saw the growth of personal care home services—given that brick-and-mortar spas, salons, and other similar establishments were ordered closed by governments for a handful of months. In particular, Statista forecasts that the size of the spa services market worldwide will reach $259.26 billion (approximately PHP 14.72 trillion).

In fact, many entrepreneurs have seen business opportunities that home services—particularly home spas—bring.

Setting up a home spa business, however, takes careful planning. After all, there are a lot of things to consider, such as where to hire your massage therapists, how to train them, and where to get the much-needed equipment. To help guide aspiring home spa business owners, we asked for tips and advice from the co-owner of The Bee Spa, Bianca Yanga-Vargas. 

Having put together the business in 2018 with her now-husband, Pinoy Big Brother alum Joe Vargas, Bianca shares what aspiring entrepreneurs should keep in mind before starting a business. 

What inspired or pushed you and your husband to start The Bee Spa?

We both love massages! That’s why we started The Bee Spa. 

The start of the business was cute because our first five therapists were actually my favorite therapists since college, and I brought them all together.

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