Anthony Huang Appointed as CEO, Bienvenido Tantoco III as Chairman of Specialty Retailer SSI Group

The succession in these key positions of the SSI Group follows the passing of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Zenaida Tantoco.

Publicly listed SSI Group Inc. has announced the appointment of new, key executives following the sudden passing of its former Chairman and CEO, Zenaida “Nedy” Tantoco. In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, SSI Group Inc. announced that Bienvenido Tantoco III, will be the new Chairman, while cousin Anthony Huang will be the new CEO. Huang is also concurrently holding the position of company President. The new appointments took effect last February 21, 2024.

Previously, Bienvenido Tantoco III served as director of SSI. Meanwhile, Huang was SSI’s president, a position which he continues to hold.

The family matriarch, Zenaida Tantoco, who was both Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, passed away last February 8, 2024 after a heart surgery, at the age of 77.

Bienvenido Tantoco III Appointed as Chairman of the Board

Bienvenido “Donnie” Vargas Tantoco III, known as “DVT” within the organization, holds numerous leadership positions in the retail industry. He is currently the President of Rustan Commercial Corporation, as well as Chairman and President of Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc. and Royal Wiseborn Retailers, Inc.

He has been a part of the SSI Group as Director and is now Chairman. According to an internal communication within Rustan Commercial Corporation, Bienvenido Tantoco III “will be responsible for leading the board and focusing it on strategic matters, overseeing the company’s business, and setting high governance standards.”

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Anthony Huang Takes on the Role of CEO

Anthony Tantoco Huang, the new President & CEO of SSI Group, also rose from within the organization. Aside from previously (and currently) holding the position of President of the SSI Group of Companies, he also serves as the Vice President of Rustan Commercial Corporation and is the President and CEO of Rustan Marketing Corporation.

As CEO of SSI Group, Anthony Huang is responsible for “creating, communicating and implementing the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction.”

Together, the appointment of Bienvenido Tantoco III and Anothony Huang signals a continuation of Zenaida Tantoco’s legacy and a bright new future for the SSI Group.

About SSI Group

Established in the 1980s, SSI Group Inc. is the country’s largest specialty retailer, carrying 96 international brands, including Hermes, Prada, Saint Laurent, among others. The retail giant has over 555 stores across the Philippines.

Its share price closed 6 centavos higher on Friday at P3.20/share.

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