Growing up as someone "kikay" helped Anne Barretto develop an appreciation for the beauty industry, which gave rise to Hey Pretty.

All industries have suffered, no thanks to the ongoing pandemic, and one of the most affected is undoubtedly the beauty industry. Even with social distancing measures in place, many beauty-related establishments have been repeatedly forced to close their doors whenever quarantine restrictions would change—adding to their struggles.

Despite these hardships, there are still businesses in the beauty industry that remained standing for more than a year and a half. One of which is Hey Pretty, a business started by a self-professed "kikay" who has been carrying her company through the storms of the pandemic.

All eyes are now on Anne Barretto, CEO of LGB Aesthetic Center Opc, as she tells us about her love for beauty, how she got into the industry, and the importance of keeping your mission and vision in sight despite the ugliest of times.

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