5 Ways AI Can Be Used To Enhance Customer Service

The use of AI in customer service leads to a more personalized and more effective customer experience, as well as benefit employees such as CSRs.

AI’s impact on HR, particularly in customer service, has become more evident in recent years.

While there is still much to learn and discover about artificial intelligence (AI), data shows that 70% of consumers trust AI enough when it comes to customer service. For these consumers, the use of AI leads to a more personalized as well as more effective customer experience. 

AI’s positive effect on customer service is likewise highlighted in SurveyMonkey’s AI in the Customer Experience report. According to the report, 41% of those who prefer dealing with AI more than humans say that AI has better availability. Over a third, 37%, say that AI is able to address issues faster than humans, while 30% believe that AI has access to more accurate information. 

These numbers illustrate the benefits of using AI in customer service, especially when it comes to providing a positive customer experience. However, the use of AI does not only positively affect the consumer, but can also be beneficial for employees, particularly customer service representatives and HR professionals. 

Customer Service Chatbots 

One of the most common applications of AI in customer service is the use of chatbots to deal with customer concerns and inquiries. Chatbots are capable of producing instant responses, and their 24/7 availability makes customer service more accessible. 

For customer service representatives, using chatbots allows them to save time and be more efficient when answering customers’ queries. It likewise allows them to allocate their time and focus on other tasks. 

Predictive Analysis 

AI is known for its capacity to analyze information and human behavior in order to predict certain outcomes. AI-powered tools for customer service, in particular, are able to analyze customer’s data and behavior in order to determine their needs and even potential issues. 

The predictive analysis capabilities of AI allow companies to be more proactive when it comes to dealing with the concerns of their customers. It likewise allows companies to anticipate potential concerns and even personalize customer interactions. 

Request Routing 

Should a customer’s concern need the assistance of a customer service representative, AI has the capability of analyzing the nature of the request in order to routing the inquiry to the right representative. This makes troubleshooting issues and searching for solutions on the part of the representative more efficient. 

AI-powered tools for request rerouting can also analyze urgency and the perceived emotions of the customer. This can give the customer service representative an idea on how to handle the issue at hand. 

Sentiment Analysis 

Companies can generate much information about their customers through customer service, and this can be achieved easily through AI-powered sentiment analysis tools. These tools are capable of interpreting responses from customers and analyzing feedback and reviews. 

The information generated from such analysis can be used by companies to identify areas of improvement. It can likewise help program chatbots to respond appropriately based on a customer’s behavior. 

Voice Analysis 

Despite the accessibility of online platforms, a survey by HubSpot shows that customers still prefer to contact customer service through phone calls. For customer service representatives and customers alike, this can be a long and frustrating process, particularly when customers have to wait on the line or when there are disagreements during the conversation. 

Using voice AI allows such conversations to happen faster and more efficiently. Voice AI can lead a customer through a series of prompts, which can hopefully address the customer’s needs without having to talk to an actual customer service representative. 

Voice AI can likewise be programmed to deal with routine and basic customer concerns, which helps customer service representatives focus on more serious concerns. 

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