Meta Rolls Out 3 New AI-Powered Tools on Facebook

Meta Rolls Out 3 New AI-Powered Tools on Facebook

The global rollout of these AI-powered tools for advertisers is set to be completed by Meta next year.

With three billion monthly active users in the whole world, it is no surprise that advertisers rely heavily on Facebook to reach their target audience. This has prompted Meta to announce the rollout of new AI-powered tools that equip advertisers with more features that can aid them.

Facebook’s parent company said in its press release that these new features “unlock a new era of creativity that maximizes the productivity, personalization, and performance for all advertisers.” 

While the initial rollout of these AI-powered tools has already started, the global rollout will not be completed until next year. 

Meta’s New AI-Powered Tools for Advertisers

There are a total of three new AI-powered tools advertisers can use on Facebook. 

The first of which is called Background Generation—a tool that is advantageous for business owners who aren’t experienced graphic designers, or even for businesses with a small budget. Why? It allows advertisers to create multiple backgrounds that complement product images. According to Meta, this will allow them “to tailor their creative assets for different audiences.”

The second new feature is known as Image Expansion. When advertisers use this tool, they are able to easily adjust assets to fit different aspect ratios. What this means is that creative assets initially used for Feed posting can easily be adjusted to fit Reels—short-form videos on the platform. This function allows for versatility and efficient content creation.

Last but not the least is Text Variations. This AI-powered tool generates multiple versions of ad texts using an advertiser’s original copy as reference. This tool makes sure to highlight the selling points of the products or services that are being advertised.

How These New Tools Can Help Advertisers

These new AI-powered tools are seen to help advertisers to do their work more productively and efficiently. In fact, according to a survey Meta conducted, half of the advertisers who participated in the features’ early testing “estimate that generative AI will save them five or more hours a week—the equivalent of one month per year.” 

Meta also pointed out that these advertisers noted that “they’ll be able to create multiple asset variations with the click of a button, reducing time spent between creative and media.” 

The convenience of having just to click a button to generate backgrounds or expand a creative asset will save a lot of time and effort, allowing advertisers to fish their tasks more quickly. The shortened amount of time needed to complete such tasks will help boost their creativity as they will have more time to work on other tasks without feeling so exhausted from all the effort. 

Aside from this, AI-powered advertising tools can also help address what is known as creative fatigue. Creative fatigue “occurs when an audience has seen the same creative too many times.” These AI-powered tools can help advertisers create something new and fresh that has not been shown by a particular brand before.